PC Masonry

We are proud to serve as Red Deers premiere masonry company. We specialize in both interior brick, masonry, and stone work, as well as exterior landscape projects.

Exterior Masonry

Let us help you with your exterior masonry needs. We provide quality workmanship and installations of natural and manufactured stone, brick and thin brick, and detailing to make your home stand out.

Exterior Living

Let us make your yard space into an outdoor living space. We have experience to make our outdoor pace inviting, whether an outdoor fireplace., BBQ, pizza oven, or patio and sidewalk.

Site Management

Known for service and quality, you can rest easy knowing that your job will be done in a clean and efficient manner, with strong management skills.


In need of a basement wall repair? We can do that start to finish, ask us for details.

Building Repairs

PC Masonry has years of experience repainring many types of jobs, whether it’s a brick chimney, block replacement, stone restoration, weather proofing, or a parging resurfacing.


Tired of that old brick chimney, are you thinking of updating your home or office space? Let us help you with your brick or block removal to start with a clean plate.


Eco Friendly Construction

Durable, maintenance free, eco friendly masonry veneers including natural stone, manufactured stone or bricks provide an eco friendly alternative to many other manmade products.


The Newest Technology Repairs

Providing up to date repairs with partners who can provide detailed building envelope diagnosis when your structure has heat loss or moisture issues.


High Quality Construction Management

Estimate, quote, facilitation, cleanliness, efficient, quality control, service, follow-ups.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We work on all scales of projects, whether you have a small repair job, a condo building with exterior / interior work, or a retail store front, we can do it all. Just let us know what you need and we are here to help get your project done, on time, on scope, and on budget.

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We’ve Been in Business For Over 20 years

Reply of PC Masonry for all your interior and exterior masonry projects. We specialize in brick, manufactured stone, natural stone, stone veneers, and thin brick veneers.